Pacelab WEAVR 2.2.0 Product Update

Nov 25, 2022

Your company might be among the most innovative in your industry, but you might still be facing challenges in adopting XR technology and digitizing your processes. 

Pacelab WEAVR can help you to overcome these challenges.

Getting started with XR technology couldn't get any simpler, and Pacelab WEAVR makes your training safer, more efficient, and - perhaps most importantly - more engaging and immersive for your trainees.

With Pacelab WEAVR, your organization, be it large or small can take the revolutionary step toward XR training with almost no effort and with the latest XR technology. The following updates place WEAVR at the cutting edge of this technology.

Use Your Favorite Devices with Pacelab WEAVR

Pacelab WEAVR - 2022 Deck - Devices


The long-awaited support for Meta Quest and HTC Vive Focus 3 is here! With this addition, Pacelab WEAVR now supports  all major VR devices, making it the most device-agnostic XR authoring platform in the industry.

Now any Pacelab WEAVR user can create and deploy their XR content to all major tethered and untethered devices without the need to rebuild or recreate content from scratch for specific device.

Immerse Your Trainees with Enhanced Interaction Physics

Pacelab WEAVR Door physics screenshot

Pictured above: Screenshot from Pacelab WEAVR


This update improves the user experience for training participants on WEAVR Player, the trainee-facing part of the Pacelab WEAVR application. Interactions with 3D objects, such as opening doors, grabbing a wrench, and pressing buttons all now feel a lot more realistic.

Trainees and players will feel even more immersed in their training program than before, which will add to the effectiveness of the training, the satisfaction of the trainees and better overall results for training initiatives.

Create XR Content More Efficiently with Refreshed UI

Pictured above: Screen capture of improved XR content creation


This update introduces an even quicker way to add WEAVR interactions to 3D objects, define actions and exit conditions in only a few clicks.

It improves the user experience for training program creators in WEAVR Creator. With a refreshed user interface (UI) and a more efficient process for creating XR content, creating complex training scenarios is possible with fewer steps than before.

Training creators and developers will love this update, since it no longer requires the Set Generic Value action, which is overly complex. This is accomplished through the implementation of a new Interaction System - a visual, node-based scripting language that can be done a lot quicker with few clicks.

Test Your Training Faster in Desktop Mode

Pictured above: Screen capture of faster testing


This improvement enhances the user experience while building training scenarios for desktop and mobile, and for testing in desktop mode for VR demos.

Both training creators and training testers will enjoy an improved user experience as a result of this update. They will benefit from the enhanced ability to test a full range of actions without the need to wear a VR headset.

Non-immersive testing is easy to use and can be initiated by simply entering Unity Play Mode when no VR device is attached to the computer.

What’s Next Now that XR Training Is Easier than Ever?

It goes without saying that XR is constantly evolving. Likewise, Pacelab WEAVR is always getting better.

What’s next, you ask? The answer is what we like to call the Industrial Metaverse. The real question is, will you be ready for it?

While the improvements above make XR training easier than ever before, this is not just product update – it’s an invitation to the future of XR training for industry.


For more information about Pacelab WEAVR, please visit the Pacelab WEAVR product page. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our customer support team here - Customer Support.


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