Who we are

Founded in 1995, PACE has built a reputation for developing trail-blazing software products, which took us from university spin-off to international market player and partner of choice for leading aerospace and aviation companies.

We turn transformative technologies into cutting-edge software that help our customers overcome their digital challenges and enable key departments and project teams to do a better job every day.



We are a company of engineers, pilots & aerospace professionals who are passionate about the industry.



For 25 years, we have been delivering software solutions to the biggest players in the industry.



We partner with universities, research institutions & other companies and technology providers.



With over 460+ engineers across Europe, Asia & the U.S., we have you covered wherever you are.



We were acquired by TXT in 2016, gaining business support & complementary engineering capabilities.

Plane crazy? Get on board!

If you share our passion for software innovation and all things aircraft, there are plenty of opportunities for you at PACE:

  • Interesting projects which bring you in contact with people from all over the world and some of the most exciting new technologies around (e.g. mixed reality, hybrid-electric aircraft)
  • Friendly work atmosphere which is low on bureaucracy and high on personal autonomy
  • Option to work abroad, temporary or long-term, at TXT Group's international sites
  • Modern employer with a high level of appreciation for individual needs and career paths
  • Unique offices in Berlin-Charlottenburg in the former building of Westend railway station

Commitments to our customers

We know your business like the palm of our hand.

The people behind PACE are experts in their respective fields. Our in-depth domain knowledge is rooted in more than two decades of working with a diverse base of aerospace and aviation customers. We actively participate in expert committees and international research programs, and we are frequent visitors or presenters at academic and professional conferences all over the world.

We understand your problem – and resolve it.

The diversity of our customer base and our technical expertise enable us to ask the right questions to develop a solution package that is tailored to your specific needs. We consider ourselves hands-on problem solvers who will support you all the way and beyond the software roll-out and integration. Our interdisciplinary project teams ensure that solutions and concepts are developed for you from a holistic perspective.

We help you get the most out of your software.

With comprehensive software documentation, individual user and admin trainings and the support of a lively user community, we make sure your team becomes proficient very quickly and is able to leverage the full functional scope of our products. If you find yourself faced with bigger problems, our customer support and technical consultants are happy to lend a helping hand.

We protect your investment in our products.

Every day we develop our software a little bit further to keep it cutting-edge, reliable and capable of adapting to growing and changing requirements. To achieve this, we partner with innovation leaders from international industry and research organizations. The most important drivers of our product roadmap are the complex challenges of our customers.