Be everywhere, anywhere

Web- and cloud-based, access Pacelab HALO from any device, from mobile to desktop

Focus on what matters

Pacelab HALO provides an efficient and satisfying UI/UX that enables you to stay focused while designing

Enjoy building and creating

Pacelab HALO immerses you in a 3D, XR experience that experts and enthusiasts will love

Stay connected to your projects

Pacelab HALO benefits from PACE's reliable, consistent data connectivity

What's on the horizon?

The Pacelab HALO aircraft interior design configurator is a logical addition to Pacelab's array of products. With its easy UI, PACE's proficiency in aviation, and our technological expertise, Pacelab HALO might also be a logical addition to your tool kit.

With Pacelab HALO, you can:

  • Enable your sales and marketing teams
  • Digitize your sales and product customization processes
  • Help your clients achieve their goals more easily
  • Save on costly physical mock-ups and models
  • Increase the reach of your marketing efforts

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