Pacelab WEAVR:

XR Training for

Industry & Beyond

Pacelab WEAVR is a holistic
platform designed for industrial
enterprises to create,
manage, and play XR content
experiences with no prior coding skills
required and scale seamlessly.

Manage and distribute your XR training directly from browser. Track and measure user knowledge retention. 




for enterprises
of all sizes.

Take your training further with Pacelab WEAVR.


Build 4X faster

Build your XR content 4X faster than creating your own.

Integrate everywhere

Integrate with LMS, PLM, and MES systems to increase efficiency.


Own your XR training

Reduce dependency on suppliers bring your XR training fully in-house.

Pacelab WEAVR
key benefits



Pacelab WEAVR is your one-stop shop for cutting-edge XR training.



It’s user-friendly, no-nonsense, and best of all: no coding required.

0 % Time saving than writing code
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Works on any device to train alone or in groups,
With or without instructor guidance. And devices are supported off-the-shelf.

0 % From industry platform


Your XR training environment adapts and grows with your needs.

0 % Increase of efficiency
0 % Reduction in time


Seamlessly integrates with your existing system and processes integration.

0 % Automatic Integration
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Why Pacelab

Because digital innovation is in our DNA!
For more than 25 years, we have developed trailblazing software solutions for the aerospace industry and beyond thanks to our deep understanding of our customers and their needs.

Many of our software solutions have become the industry standard within their areas of application, and we are excited to say that Pacelab WEAVR is following the same path!

Our dedication to our customers and their industries has enabled us to become leaders in digital transformation and innovation in a wide variety of sectors.


Pacelab WEAVR is a Unity Verified Solution

Pacelab WEAVR is built on top of Unity, the
leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content.

As a Unity Verified Solution, Pacelab WEAVR is regularly tested for technical compliance, so you can be sure your training is based on the most advanced and robust technology

Our Customers
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Pacelab WEAVR:

Frequently asked questions

Who should use Pacelab WEAVR?

Companies large and small.

Pacelab WEAVR is for companies and training organizations that need a solution for developing and managing extended reality (XR) content for training and assisted operations.

Do I have to be a programmer to use Pacelab WEAVR?


Pacelab WEAVR is a practical and intuitive tool that requires no programming to create and manage XR content. You can use your existing
training design talents to replace outdated content with next-generation immersive training.

What devices can I use with Pacelab WEAVR?

Any devices.

Pacelab WEAVR is designed to be compatible with most hardware devices - including mobile/tablet, PC and AR/VR HMDs. This allows maximum flexibility to better support your organization’s changing needs in the future. Our team of experts is happy to provide hardware recommendations based on your needs.

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