Power tools for design space explorers

Up to 80% of the total lifecycle cost of highly engineered products are decided in the early design stages, so getting it right from the beginning is vital to the overall development success and leads to better, more innovative products.

Develop more competitive products in less time

PACE preliminary design solutions build on a best-in-class software platform for model-based design, which supports you from design space exploration to design automation.

Discover the Pacelab suite of products and extend your competitive edge reducing your time to market in a highly challenging business environment, while mitigating technological risks in support of your investment decisions.

A comprehensive platform for all your preliminary design tasks

Our model-based design tools support a variety of engineering tasks spanning from design space exploration and technology selection in the early project phase to in-depth layout and sizing of aircraft sub-systems and the automation of preliminary design tasks at the component or sub-system level. Our user base includes leading OEMs, first-tier suppliers and research organizations from around the world.

Concept & technology selection

Concept & technology selection

Integrated systems architecture design

Integrated systems architecture design


Preliminary component design

Best-in-class software platform for model-based design


Watch the video for an overview of our Pacelab solutions for preliminary design

Discover how our best-in-class software platform for model-based design supports design space exploration to design automation and optimizes systems architectures at aircraft level, as well as adapts perfectly to conventional design configurations and future technologies.

In the video, you will learn:

- How Pacelab Suite supplies the basic functional infrastructure for the optimization of complex engineering systems;

- How Pacelab APD evaluates conventional and non-conventional aircraft configurations;

- How Pacelab SysArc brings aircraft-level optimization of systems architectures to a new level.



Watch our webinar on Accelerate Aircraft Design

How can you leverage model-based, collaborative approaches for developing more innovative aircraft designs?

If you have missed or want to re-watch our live webinar “Accelerate Aircraft Design with Model-based Design Automation and Collaborative MDO”, which we have co-hosted with integration and optimization experts ESTECO, fill in the form. We will send you immediately the entire webinar video. We hope you find it inspiring!

Topics include:

  • Case study: Setting up a EXPEDITE-derived modern aircraft conceptual design
  • Coupling Pacelab APD with ESTECO's modeFRONTIER software
  • Live demo: Aircraft Design with PACE Model-based technology and VOLTA web collaborative platform for MDO
  • Q&A and discussion

Design support comes in threes

Pacelab Suite

our generic platform for model-based, multi-disciplinary design, which supplies the basic functional and procedural infrastructure for the modeling, analysis, sizing and optimization of complex engineering systems.

Pacelab APD

extends the platform with domain-specific functionality for preliminary aircraft design, while

Pacelab SysArc

adds a further functional layer for systems architecture design.

Our three-tier product offering and open architecture enables customers to select the functionality best suited to their current design focus and objectives - contact us for a free consultation


Pacelab Suite

Our patented multi-disciplinary design platform provides unique modeling and analysis capabilities. 


Pacelab APD

Our aircraft design module supports the evaluation of conventional & non-conventional configurations.


Pacelab SysArc

Our systems architecture design module enables investigations and trade-offs at the aircraft level.

Preliminary design, first time right

PACE software solutions for preliminary design relieve design experts from non-value adding activities giving them the freedom to explore a wider range of alternative concepts, also off the beaten track. They help mitigate technological risks, support investment decisions and reduce time to market.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Shorter development cycles and faster time to market 

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Reliable data for strategic technology roadmap decisions

Competitive products

Competitive products

High-quality and innovative technological solutions 

Investment protection

Investment protection

Easy integration into existing tool and process landscapes 

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

Dissemination of proven design solutions and best practices 

Pacelab design solutions in the product development process

An important objective of our model-based platform is to extend the scope of multi-disciplinary design methodologies from the early phases of the product development process (conceptual and preliminary design) to the later ones and to support evolving investigations in a single environment.

Scale up your design investigations as you go

Our platform is highly scalable and extensible enabling you to incrementally increase the fidelity of the multi-disciplinary product model and seamlessly integrate commercial or proprietary analysis methods. Its open architecture also makes it very easy to interface our design platform with third-party process integration or physics-based simulation tools.


Enjoy an efficient design ecosystem

Our preliminary design solutions are embedded in an efficient ecosystem of supporting technologies:

  • Data management for central administration of component and method libraries as well as project results
  • Server-side computation for high-performance parallel computing of trade studies and distributed modeling
  • Web viewers to provide 24/7 access to project results to light users
  • Third-party tool interface to exchange data with external applications

Driving aircraft research & innovation

Aerospace is a highly research-intensive industry, which strongly relies on universities and research institutions to contribute advanced product and process knowledge that can be translated into technological innovation.

PACE software products for preliminary design are appreciated by leading universities and research organizations, supporting a wide range of research areas:

  • Design and analysis of unconventional aircraft configurations
  • Electrification of aircraft systems
  • Assessment of emerging propulsion technologies
  • Development and adaptation of analysis methods
  • Improvement of the multidisciplinary development process
ISAE Supaero

Academic program

PACE is firmly committed to supporting the education of the next generation of aerospace engineers with state-of-the-art design software – please inquire about our university licensing program.

In addition, we offer student placements and internship programs, which give graduate and post-graduate students an opportunity to apply their design skills to real-world challenges – don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and proposals.