Software technology taking off

Airlines have long struggled with razor-thin margins, but rapidly evolving on-board technology such as EFB systems and real-time connectivity create entirely new opportunities of maximizing profitability through streamlined operations and lower operating costs.

Our software solutions for flight operations leverage the latest in aeronautical and mobile technology to help you streamline all aspects of your flight operations, from mission planning and en-route flight profile optimization to post-flight analysis and maintenance tasks.


    On-board flight profile optimization

    Flight profile optimization is a key contributor to greater operational efficiency, which can significantly affect the airline bottom line.

    Off-the-shelf EFB application Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer provides reliable decision-making support which enables flight crews to respond quickly and effectively to unforeseen changes along the route and to navigate the cost penalties of sub-optimum operations.

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    Regional aircraft

    Up to 4% annual fuel savings reported for regional aircraft types such as Bombardier CRJ and Embraer ERJ


    Airbus A320 family

    Up to 1.9% annual fuel savings proven for Airbus A320 family in typical operations


    Current & legacy long-range aircraft

    Up to 1% fuel savings on average reported for B767, B747-8, A330/340, A350 and A380

    Custom EFB applications

    Drawing on 30 years of experience in developing and maintaining core software components of avionic systems and deep domain knowledge on how aircraft and helicopters are operated in a variety of contexts, we develop advanced EFB applications according to customer specifications.

    Our custom EFB applications support pre-flight mission planning, in-flight pilot and crew activities as well as post-flight mission reporting and debriefing.

    Contact us to see how we can help you streamline your day-to-day operations and empower your flight crews with advanced software and mobile technology.


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    On-ground operations support systems

    We have vast experience in the design and development of ground stations supporting the efficient operation of helicopter fleets.

    Our successful track record is based on our interdisciplinary know-how of aeronautic engineering, flight physics, flight performance models and simulation technology and covers the following areas:

    • Mission planning systems: planning all aspects of flight missions including routes, material and crews
    • Fleet management systems: monitoring the health status of vehicles and planing maintenance
    • Maintenance support systems: immersive 3D VR/AR applications to interactively train & support technicians to perform maintenance tasks

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