Pacelab Mission Suite 7.3 Product Update

Oct 11, 2022

There is only one reliable, commercially available software solution that can compare the performance of highly diverse aircraft for any given route network – Pacelab Mission Suite – and we’re happy to announce the latest version of this indispensable tool.

All Pacelab Mission Suite users can attest that it is already a powerful application and that it only gets better with every update. It enables airlines and OEMs to explore route networks and demonstrate the advantages of specific aircraft, as well as analyze and optimize the compatibility of aircraft types and routes.

Improved ETOPS Analysis

Pacelab MS 7.3 ETOPS

Pacelab Mission Suite 7.3 introduces several new options for ETOPS analysis, including the following:

  • Temperature correction
  • Fuel to account for icing
  • In-flight APU fuel consumption
  • Ability to define ETOPS alternates
  • Ability to define wind and temperature for each ETOPS alternate

All users of the ETOPS Analysis feature will benefit from these updates immediately with a seamless transition from previous versions.

New Winds Module Available!

Pacelab Mission Suite 7.3 Winds Module

We are happy to announce the release of our new Winds module for Pacelab Mission Suite version 7.3.

Developed by PACE Aerospace & IT using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis 1 project, the winds module provides worldwide, statistical winds and temperatures based on most recent 30-year period and is available as an optional module integrated into Pacelab Mission Suite.

Depending on the route, winds can be a major factor affecting results such as trip fuel and trip time. Whether the route is a simple great circle track or a track defined by waypoints, or if it is under ETOPS analysis or part of an economic study, winds and temperatures are now computed as a function of the route track, aircraft speed, altitudes, and as a function of the period (month or seasonal) and reliability.

Since the discontinuation of support and commercialization of PCWindTemp, our Winds module will be the only alternative that will have support and updates. For new customers, our Winds module will be the only source for statistical winds and temperatures. A dedicated license is required for the Winds module, and it has a simple and seamless functionality. Former users of PCWindTemp will not experience any significant change in usage.


Improved Reporting Performance

Before this update, report generation was relatively slow. In previous versions, for studies that contained thousands of sampling points, report generation could take an hour or more. With this update, that same report will take only minutes to be generated. Naturally, the time needed to generate any report depends on the number of sampling points, number of individual runways, number of routes, etc.


New Visualization of Low-Speed Pre-Calculation Results

Pacelab MS 7.3 low-speed results

Previously, these reports would need to be generated to see the details of the low-speed results because they were not accessible in the study results. Now these results are available directly in the application, improving the workflow. It's more convenient, saves time, and eliminates the need to generate an additional report just to check low-speed results. This improvement is of special significance to users of SCAP modules.


Improved Wind and Temperature Modes

Paelab Mission Suite 7.3 Wind and Temp Modes

This update introduces a simplified workflow. Having Cruise as a master segment to define the temperature eliminates the need for a dedicated Assumption to control all segment temperatures. The same thing applies for Airfield temperatures.



For more information about Pacelab Mission Suite, please visit the Pacelab Mission Suite product page. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our customer support team here -Customer Support.

For product documentation please visit the Pacelab Mission Suite 7.3 documentation page.



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