Pacelab WEAVR selected as platform for next-generation VR pilot and maintenance training

Jun 03, 2021

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MILAN, 3 June 2021 - TXT e-solutions, a provider of end-to-end consulting, software, and service solutions, today announced that the Training & Simulation Department of Leonardo's Aircraft Division has selected TXT's expertise and capabilities to collaborate on the development of immersive and augmented virtual reality solutions with the aim of further enhancing the realism of pilot and maintenance training simulators offered in conjunction with its aircraft. The XR (Extended Reality) technology in the TXT Pacelab WEAVR platform will be jointly adapted to aircraft training applications and integrated into Leonardo's simulators.

Pacelab WEAVR offers a complete industrial-scale solution for XR-based training, providing Leonardo with everything they need to create, implement and manage effective, high-quality training packages, while also allowing them to reuse existing training materials and simulations. Developed around Unity 3D’s industry-leading real-time 3D (RT3D) technology platform, Pacelab WEAVR enables the creation of more interactive content than traditional training, resulting in more realistic training scenarios and better retention of learners' acquired knowledge. Pacelab WEAVR is developed and marketed by PACE, a subsidiary of TXT e-solutions, which specialises in commercial software products available on the market for the aerospace and aviation sectors.

"We are delighted to continue to strengthen our relationship with Leonardo," said Nicola Frisco, Head of Training & Simulation at TXT e-solutions. "The TXT Training & Simulation team has been working closely with Leonardo's flight instructors for over a decade with the aim of providing them with globally recognised and valued engineering training and simulation services. With Pacelab WEAVR we can now also offer the support and complementary capabilities of off-the-shelf software."


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