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Nov 21, 2023

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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Weart aimed at providing OEMs, airlines and aerospace organizations with TouchDIVER’s full haptic feedback integrated in Pacelab WEAVR for XR training experiences. 

With its advanced technology, TouchDIVER haptic glove lets users feel tactile sensations in digital and virtual reality content. TouchDIVER is the only device on the market providing comprehensive haptic feedback, enabling users to feel the force, textures, and thermal cues they encounter in the virtual world.

Implemented into VR machinery operation and safety training simulations, TouchDIVER excels in faithfully replicating physical sensations, surpassing HMD controllers and other haptic solutions. The integration of TouchDIVER into Pacelab WEAVR software enables users to learn to handle potential hazards and risky situations through realistic manipulation and natural movements, without actual physical risk. This fosters better situational awareness, improves dexterity and coordination, thus reducing the chances of accidents in real-world settings and leading to fewer errors when working with real machinery.

Together, we are dedicated to harnessing specialised skills, crafting immersive XR and haptic experiences, and enabling realistic manipulations.

Join us at Booth 3511 at I/ITSEC in Orlando from 27 to 30 November 2023 and to test our TouchDIVER glove in the safety demo training developed by PACE.

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