Create optimized, certifiable cabin layouts in under 15 minutes

Our cabin layout optimization apps provide you with everything you need to create and
share configurations with great speed and ease - compliance and buyer confidence guaranteed!


Stop drawing, start configuring

Discover expert functionality from the undisputed leaders in aircraft configuration software

With a dedicated business rules, a rich component catalog and many other smart features specifically designed to support cabin investigations, myCabin lets you set up valid layouts and place your products in a correct configuration — much faster than any CAD application!

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Create pitch-perfect 2D drawings 

Automatically generate output that accurately documents your cabin layout configuration

myCabin’s 2D view of the cabin layout can be easily adapted to the required level of detail and to corporate document standards creating clear and precise contractual documentation in a wide variety of formats.

Add top and side views, cross sections, seat sketches and dimensions or visualize the results of special investigations such as direct view and emergency equipment configurations.

Say goodbye to your compliance headaches!


Built-in knowledge

Capture your product and industry expertise in sophisticated business and design rules that consistently ensure valid configurations and accurate pricing.


Real-time validation

Automatic compliance checks taking into account certification requirements and corporate design policies save you unnecessary iterations and expensive last-minute surprises.

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Bring configurations to life with real-time 3D

myCabin's 3D visualization enables customers to see in real time how their configuration choices affect the physical appearance of the product, from every angle and in every detail.

High-quality, personalized images with rich textures, vibrant colors and nuanced lighting provide a realistic idea of what the finished product will look like that can make all the difference in your sales proposals.


Anytime, anywhere access

Discover cabin configurations that never sleep

With our web-based mobile app myCabinViewer you, your team mates and your customers can access configurations 24/7 from wherever they are.

View or download documents, 2D drawings and 3D models or even take a virtual tour!


Key capabilities


Rule checks

myCabin captures complex configuration rules and automatically verifies the layout’s compliance with certification requirements & corporate policies. It also checks the consistency and compatibility of the selected options.


Detailed drawings

Fully user-configurable contents and styles ensure that your engineering drawings are accurate, complete and consistent with corporate document standards.


3D visualization

myCabin uses real-time 3D visualization to provide customers with an interactive and immersive product experience, enabling them to view the current configuration from every angle.


Report generation

myCabin’s automatic report generator streamlines the process of compiling the relevant configuration data and presenting it in a professional, standardized format using fully customizable templates.


Talk to an industry expert!

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