Pacelab ACE: Connect. Collaborate. Share.

Pacelab ACE is a cloud-based aircraft configuration platform, which helps aircraft buyers, manufacturers and service providers to overcome the challenges of (re-)configuring the highly complex aircraft product. Pacelab ACE combines server-based business logic, web-based client applications and industry-proven configuration capabilities with the latest communication and collaboration technologies to create a modern digital user experience on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Getting started is easier than you think

Whether you are involved in contractual aircraft definition or looking for smart LOPA optimization and validation support, the Pacelab ACE platform has the right application for you.

Working with Pacelab ACE is easy: easy to procure, easy to install, easy to use and easy to monitor. Instantly increase your productivity, focus on your core activities and scale up flexibly to seize more and larger business opportunities.

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Single data source for all solution components


Server-based business logic

Pacelab ACE's business logic is server-based and provides a native multi-platform network to support collaboration within the extended enterprise but also with external stakeholders. All solution components draw on a single, shared data source, ensuring that everyone involved in the aircraft definition process works with the same, up-to-date configuration and project data.

Seamless integration

Pacelab ACE’s open architecture enables our software to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT environment. We initialize the digital thread in your organization and continuously add to it by pushing configuration data into your design and manufacturing systems, by feeding enterprise data lakes and by integrating with your PDM systems in both directions.

Connect mobile work teams all over the world

Web-based configuration

Pacelab ACE delivers a continuous digital user experience on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, which provides full access to configuration and customer data from anywhere in the world. This makes it much easier for geographically dispersed teams to communicate and align on configuration details in real time.

Custom-branded electronic catalogs

Intuitive, easy-to-browse digital catalogs help buyers select their preferred aircraft and cabin options and combine them interactively to find the configuration that best reflects their brand and commercial strategy. Providing airlines with access to browser-based configuration tools significantly increases customer engagement and generates business analytics which can be used to optimized future sales & marketing initiatives.


Create customer experiences that last - and generate sales


We are part of Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), which supports innovative HoloLens application and content providers from all across the globe.

Supported by Microsoft MR experts and engineers, we're exploring how HoloLens headsets can be used to give airline buyers a better understanding of the appearance and spatial quality of the cabin, moving customers from merely seeing to fully experiencing aircraft configurations and assessing the impacts of their selections in real time.

We can leverage your existing Pacelab ACE 3D assets with Pacelab WEAVR, our in-house AR/VR/MR authoring, management and publishing platform.

Tying the digital thread

The digital transformation of the aircraft configuration process is not only about digitizing paper-based workflows, it’s about enabling aircraft manufacturers and suppliers to re-invent their business operations and take their relationship with airline customers to the next level.

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Rely on the pioneer of configuration software


Pacelab ACE draws on the mature, industry-proven configuration capabilities of myCabin (formerly known as Pacelab Cabin).

Since its launch 1999, myCabin has quickly become the tool of choice for all leading aircraft manufacturers and operators, whose expert requirements have helped us create a unique and innovative range of configuration features.

  • The industry standard in aircraft and cabin configuration
  • Fast, rule-driven LOPA setup and optimization
  • Real-time FAR/JAR compliance checks
  • Fully customizable sales deliverables and technical outputs