En-route flight profile optimization

Saves pilot time & resources, airline money and the environment, too.

Here at PACE, we have been promoting the benefits of re-optimizing altitudes and speeds during the flight for more than a decade, gaining unmatched experience in providing smart software solutions that support pilots all the way and significantly contribute to airline sustainability initiatives.

No patchwork, no half-way measures

From briefing to touchdown and beyond, Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer gives crews fully actionable recommendations on the most cost-efficient way to complete their flights under the current conditions, carefully balancing operational considerations with passenger comfort and on-time performance. Pacelab FPO holistically optimizes ALL flight phases from climb to descent, relying on high-fidelity and real-time data to deliver information that is accurate, relevant and complete.

Vertical meets lateral

Always raising the bar, we are currently introducing a multi-dimensional optimization solution with our partner Nexteon, which combines vertical and lateral flight optimization capabilities.


One percent – for you and the planet

"Pacelab FPO has been instrumental in helping determine the safest, most comfortable and efficient route on every flight. [...] This means guests arrive on our islands well rested and on time to begin their vacation, while we further reduce our environmental footprint," said Captain Brian Beres, Senior Director for Flight Standards and Qualifications at Hawaiian Airlines.

The airline estimates Pacelab FPO will reduce annual fuel consumption by an additional one percent – approximately 1.3 million gallons – and prevent more than 12,000 pounds of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

How much fuel and emissions can you save?

Hawaiian is one of many leading airlines which rely on Pacelab FPO to support their environmental and sustainability strategies. Find out more below or contact our optimization experts to discuss the specific savings potential for your fleet and route network!

Photo by courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

Data-driven decisions, efficient operations

We believe the availability of real-time data is the key to making more informed decisions on the flight deck. Pacelab FPO helps airlines realize the commercial benefits of evolving aircraft connectivity technologies by translating accurate and up-to-date information into improved on-board decision-making and tangible efficiency gains. To optimize altitudes and speeds, the software reads avionics parameters in real time via ARINC 834 or from ACARS AOC messages and interfaces with relevant weather and turbulence information sources. In addition, Pacelab FPO records trajectory and efficiency parameters for post-flight analysis.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Reduces annual fuel burn by an average of 1%, depending on aircraft type and airline policies

Fewer emissions

Fewer emissions

Contributes significant reductions and informs airlines' sustainability initiatives

More punctual flights

More punctual flights

Improves on-time performance, flight safety and passenger comfort

Higher awareness

Higher awareness

Raises situational awareness of flight crews and helps them solve their daily challenges

Effective team work

Effective team work

Facilitates collaborative decision-making with Ops Control and ATC


Always take the weather with you

Pacelab FPO seamlessly integrates third-party weather services and uses live wind and temperature data from both aircraft and ground sources in its trajectory optimizations.

No more bumpy flights

Pacelab FPO comes with an optional Turbulence Module, which visualizes meteorological threats in the trajectory view and enables pilots to re-optimize the flight profile towards less turbulent or turbulence-free flight levels.

We are also happy to partner with IATA on the Turbulence Aware platform, which pools and shares turbulence data collected from aircraft around the globe in real time.

Step into a larger vision

We have teamed up with lateral route optimization experts Nexteon Technologies to create an integrated, multi-dimensional optimization solution for pilots and dispatchers.

The solution combines the lateral optimization capabilities of Nexteon's SmartRoutes™ with the vertical flight profile optimization capabilities of Pacelab FPO in a single, powerful decision support system.

The integrated solution is part of a larger vision to provide complementary tools to pilots and dispatchers to boost collaborative decision-making. 


EFB, iPad or cloud – your choice, our service!


Pacelab FPO is Windows and iOS compatible and can be deployed as an EFB- or cloud-based solution. Which implementation is right for you depends on operational and business objectives, your fleet size and mix and many other aspects  get in touch with our experts for a free consultation!

Top technology for best-in-class flight optimization

We closely cooperate with leading aircraft connectivity and cloud service providers to make sure our customers benefit from the best technology around. Building on Amazon Web Services, we recently completed a cloud-based installation of Pacelab FPO for a large commercial carrier with a fleet of 800+ aircraft.

For a first-hand account of the challenges and benefits of implementing Pacelab FPO, we highly recommend Finnair's 2019 editorial "Introducing an EFB-based operational efficiency tool to the Airbus A350 fleet". If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Data knows best!

The rapidly increasing availability of data presents a great opportunity for the aviation industry to leave assumption-based decision-making behind and to become more efficient in a wide range of areas, from commercial strategy to day-to-day operations.

Business intelligence tailored to your needs

PACE offers unique analytics services to derive meaningful insights from the wealth of operational data accumulated by Pacelab FPO on every flight and helps you develop a business intelligence concept for your company's prime targets:

  • Identify untapped savings potential
  • Take full advantage of data-driven flight operations
  • Predict threats and opportunities early
  • Expedite reporting and analysis

Greening your operations

Pacelab FPO is used by top airlines and innovation leaders around the globe to empower their flight crews and to support their sustainability drives. The efficiency gains delivered by operating with optimized vertical flight profiles help to reduce the emission of CO2 and other harmful pollutants and significantly impact airlines’ environmental footprint.

Fuel Savers United: Join the club!

The Pacelab community meets once a year to share best practices, discuss current and emerging challenges and give their input to the Pacelab FPO roadmap. We greatly value the frank exchange with our customers and take away valuable insights from the front lines that keep our software relevant and cutting edge.


Business aviation


A different type of mission every day

In the world of business aviation, every day brings new opportunities and challenges depending on the ever-changing needs of your clients. To achieve the most with the aircraft in your fleet, you need accurate aircraft data and an easy way for the crew to make precise real-time decisions without the delay and penalty of reliance on external sources.

Maximize operational benefit with unique pilot support

Pacelab FPO is specifically targeted to provide pilots an easy way to make informed decisions that yield the results you need – whether that is optimizing fuel to maximize range, flying faster to reach the destination early or providing a smooth and comfortable ride while doing both. Pacelab FPO provides a simple way to manage the many real-time constraints that are required during the flight that no other onboard optimization tool can offer - contact our business aviation experts today! 

Connect with a strong partner network

We are working with a strong network of technology and service providers to enable our customer to fully leverage their investment in our software. Our partners motivate us with their passion and expertise and enable us to achieve more and more quickly than we ever could on our own.

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