Connect. Collaborate. Share.

Pacelab ACE is a fully digital environment to connect all actors in the cabin configuration process. Leverage the benefits of digital collaboration with customers and teams and keep configuration data up-to-date and consistent across the entire process.

Everything is connected

Experience a seamless digital configuration journey

Pacelab ACE delivers a continuous digital user experience on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. It provides full access to configuration and customer data from anywhere in the world, making it much easier to communicate and align on configuration details in real time.


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Cabin interior configuration, first time right 

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Level-up your offer management

Navigate thousands of interdependent configuration options with ease

Intuitive, easy-to-browse digital catalogs help buyers select their preferred aircraft and cabin options and combine them interactively to find the configuration that best reflects their brand and commercial strategy.

Providing browser-based configuration tools significantly increases customer engagement and generates business analytics which can be used to optimized future sales & marketing initiatives.


Powerful admin tool


Easy-to-use e-catalog

Collaborate with teammates and customers in real time

Enjoy the anytime, anywhere access of a cloud-based configuration environment

Pacelab ACE's business logic is server-based and provides a native multi-platform network to support collaboration within the extended enterprise but also with external stakeholders. All apps draw on a single, shared data source, ensuring that everyone involved works with the same, up-to-date configuration and project data.


Create unforgettable proposals

Your configurations in 3D and AR - on all devices and for customer everywhere

Create persuasive, visual sales pitches that stay with your prospects for a long time. Or use augmented reality to deliver an truly amazing buying experience, moving customers from merely seeing to fully experiencing their configurations. 


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