Build your own immersive training environment

Pacelab WEAVR provides a comprehensive and robust extended reality platform that enables any company, in any industry, to develop and manage enterprise-scale immersive training.

And because Pacelab WEAVR is all about scalability and flexibility, your learning environment will adapt and grow with your needs.


Discover the power of three

The Pacelab WEAVR platform consists of three product modules, which together provide everything needed to implement and manage virtual training.


WEAVR Creator


WEAVR Creator is an intuitive, no-coding authoring tool to develop XR training content. Using simple visual programming, scenes & procedures can be replicated, modified and reused across devices.

WEAVR Player


WEAVR Player is an engaging, learner-facing app for easy access to XR training across devices. Facilitating remote collaboration & training, the WEAVR Player is a one-stop shop for all XR training content.

WEAVR Manager


WEAVR Manager is an admin portal for managing your XR training program. Oversee collaboration, remote instruction and reporting, while tracking users and content. WEAVR Manager must be installed before you can use other modules.


Verified by Unity

Pacelab WEAVR is built on top of Unity, the leading platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content. As a Unity Verified Solution, Pacelab WEAVR is tested for technical compliance on an ongoing basis, so you can be sure your training is based on the most advanced and robust technology around. 

Learn more about real-time 3D for training in our on-demand video!

Why Pacelab WEAVR?

We are committed to be the market leader in industrial-scale extended reality solutions. We are not a startup. We are not a gaming company. We are a mature software company with a proven record of delivering transformative solutions at large industrial scale, stemming from a deep understanding of our customers and years of experience working with large industry companies.


Holistic, fully integrated platform

Pacelab WEAVR provides you with everything you need to create, deploy and manage cutting-edge virtual training.


Simple creation of complex content

No programming skills are needed to create engaging XR training content with Pacelab WEAVR’s intuitive, no-coding-required authoring tool.


Supports AR, VR, PC and mobile devices

Access and launch applications on any device to train alone or in groups, with or without instructor guidance.


Designed to support industrial scale

Pacelab WEAVR is all about scalability and flexibility, so your learning environment adapts and grows with your needs.


Plays well with others

Pacelab WEAVR is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes, including Learning Management Systems (LMS) and more.


Maximum reusability of data

Training content is largely device-agnostic, so you can reuse 3D scenes and procedures in any hardware environment.


Upskill faster & reduce costs


Immersive training yields significant benefits to any industry where active, ongoing development of skills and firsthand, experiential learning are required – alone or in groups, with or without instructor guidance.

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Build once, deploy everywhere


Pacelab WEAVR provides a learners’ hub where students can easily access and launch training content 24/7 on the device of their choice, from desktop PCs and notebooks to mobile devices and AR/VR headsets.


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Get in touch to learn how Pacelab WEAVR can help you develop and manage enterprise-scale immersive training. We assist you in determining which kind of training solution is right for you, or if you have something in mind already, we help you knock your ideas into shape.

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Featured use case: AR Engineering


Abu Dhabi-based company AR Engineering uses Pacelab WEAVR to make engineering & STEM education fascinating, explorable and fun for students as well as accessible to the teaching professionals anywhere and anytime.

Their mobile educational platform features advanced Augmented Reality (AR) tools that help visualize and realize complex systems.

Player Tablet AR Engineering

Think bigger

With Pacelab WEAVR, you can use the same platform and data to create AR applications for operational use.


Assisted Operations


Digital Work Instructions


Remote Support

Benefit from our industry-leading partner network

We collaborate with select training and technology companies which are widely regarded for their unparalleled expertise and market impact to create high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world.

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