Optimizing systems architectures at aircraft level

Aircraft systems are key drivers of innovation in aircraft design and heavily influence overall mass, fuel consumption, operating costs and reliability. Particularly with new technologies such as within the More Electric Aircraft, it is crucial to analyze and optimize systems at a global level to minimize the risk of design inconsistencies or unforeseen behavior in the integration phase.

Our systems architecture design software Pacelab SysArc supports investigations at the aircraft level with a fully-fledged preliminary aircraft design environment. Delivering instant feedback on the global impact, costs and benefits of architectural alternatives, Pacelab SysArc provides a reliable framework for assessing new technologies and making investment or development decisions.


Get 360° view of systems components and interactions


Analyze and optimize systems at aircraft level


Predict system performance and impact early on


Cut development time, costs and risk


Back up investment and technology decisions

Key features

  • User-extensible library of parametric component models for all standard systems
  • Graphical-schematic definition of system architectures
  • Synchronized representation in the 3D space of the aircraft geometry
  • Automatic routing of cables, pipes or ducts
  • System sizing with flight conditions and failure modes
  • Automatic propagation of energy consumption and mass


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our generic platform for model-based, multi-disciplinary design, which supplies the basic functional and procedural infrastructure for the modeling, analysis, sizing and optimization of complex engineering systems.

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Pacelab SysArc

adds a further functional layer for systems architecture design.

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