What we do

From cockpit to passenger cabin, from aircraft design to flight operations, PACE provides trail-blazing software solutions and digital strategies for dealing with the aerospace and aviation industry’s immediate and long-term challenges. The sustained success of our Pacelab range of commercial off-the-shelf software products is based on a strong commitment to innovation, and product quality that meets our customers’ business and technological needs. 

Innovation hubs

We turn transformative technologies into cutting-edge software products that help aerospace and aviation companies overcome their digital challenges and enable key departments and project teams to do a better job every day. Our portfolio supports a wide range of business-critical activities, with a research and development focus on the key areas that will shape aviation in the 21st century.

Green aviation

Building a more sustainable future through innovative aircraft designs and efficient flight operations.


Smart collaboration

Connecting people around the world with a seamless digital experience for aircraft configuration and marketing.


Extended reality

Enabling meaningful interactions with real and virtual worlds for crew training and product configuration.


Our software is designed to make key tasks in aerospace and aviation simpler, smarter and more efficient. Our products are the result of more than two decades of working with and carefully listening to a highly diverse customer base of leading industry and research organizations.

We are family

In 2016, PACE became part of the TXT e-solutions family, contributing our strengths and culture to create a greater organization with a larger footprint and a stronger market impact.

We continue to focus on expanding and growing our unique value proposition in the aerospace and aviation markets, boosted by the complementary expertise and resources of our parent company.