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Lufthansa Consulting is a leading international aviation consultancy, serving airlines, airports, authorities and related industries. PACE’s aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin helps them analyze and optimize their clients’ cabin configuration projects to improve revenue and passenger comfort.

Expert partners

Set up in 1988 and backed by the expertise of the entire Lufthansa Group, Lufthansa Consulting helps advance the business activities of its international customer base with customized services. To provide airline clients with the best possible decision-making support for the evaluation and optimization of their cabin configurations, Lufthansa Consulting relies on Pacelab Cabin’s ability to conduct in-depth feasibility studies.


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Comprehensive configuration support

Airlines approach Lufthansa Consulting with different use cases, either looking to start up their business, optimize an existing cabin configuration, set up a configuration for a newly introduced aircraft type or overhaul their entire fleet in accordance with a new seating or service concept.

Each project involves different configuration strategies to drive revenue and Pacelab Cabin supports this complex evaluation process with detailed cabin investigations and fast LOPA generation to provide consultants and airline product development with a clear understanding of the available scenarios. Real-time rendering immediately visualizes the impact of layout changes; in addition, all configurations undergo automated checks to validate technical feasibility and compliance with certification standards. Customizable output formats facilitate coordination between consultancy and client.

Better layouts faster

Leveraging Pacelab Cabin’s intelligent positioning options, Lufthansa Consulting was able to evaluate and fine-tune a wide range of improvement measures to meet complex optimization requirements, including the reorganization of service concepts to free galley space or maximizing the seating capacity while maintaining the current living space.


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Lufthansa Consulting facts & figures

  • Set up in 1988 as an independent Lufthansa subsidiary
  • Headquartered in Frankfurt with offices in Moscow and Rio de Janeiro
  • Provides the aviation industry with a wide range of management consulting services and customized business solutions in operations, finance, strategy and commercial
  • Successfully completed almost 3,000 projects

April 2016