Analyzing preliminary aircraft designs across disciplines

With a heavy increase in air traffic expected for the next few decades, aircraft and engine manufacturers are looking to give their products a substantial revamp to increase productivity, while making them greener and more efficient. In the race for innovation, preliminary design and optimization capabilities play a critical role paving the way for new and emerging technologies such as electric or hybrid-electric propulsion systems.

Our preliminary aircraft design platform Pacelab APD allows evaluating alternative aircraft configurations in terms of performance, economics and technical risk and helps to assess the impact of technological innovations early in the design process.



Save time to evaluate a wider range of design alternatives


Focus on engineering not programming


Assess key metrics and risks early on


Leverage existing tools and methods


Back up investment and technology decisions

Key features

  • Rapid setup of aircraft models from resident library or configurator
  • Reversible I/O, one-click selection of complex design cases
  • Seamless integration of proprietary methods
  • Extensible trade study and optimization module
  • Powerful API for coupling external tools (and methods)
  • Efficient (partial) recalculation of the equation system



Discover our full range of design solutions

Pacelab Suite >

our generic platform for model-based, multi-disciplinary design, which supplies the basic functional and procedural infrastructure for the modeling, analysis, sizing and optimization of complex engineering systems.

Pacelab APD

extends the platform with domain-specific functionality for preliminary aircraft design, while

Pacelab SysArc >

adds a further functional layer for systems architecture design.

Our three-tier product offering and open architecture enables customers to select the functionality best suited to their current design focus and objectives - contact us for a free consultation!